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Hi, I’m David Marshall

I am a proud Military veteran who served over 20 years in the Royal Air Force.  Starting my career as a technician, I completed a successful career as an Engineering Officer specialising in Telecommunications. During my RAF career I served all over the world from the Falkland Islands to the Faroes and Hong Kong, Including active tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In addition to my RAF career, I have completed over 10 years in the corporate world filling a variety of leadership roles.  Most recently working as the Central PMO Manager for John Crane Asset Management Solutions responsible for delivering reliability services and directing various projects globally.

I have encountered extremely hostile environments and highly stressful situations, combined with my blend of military and corporate experience, I have a different perspective to most. This led me to start up my own business as an executive coach, where I have a relaxed style and am driven by good intentions.  My focus has always been on supporting and developing others to achieve their goals.

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Trustist offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower your business in the digital landscape. Trustist Reviews is the solution for all your online reputation needs, TrustistEcommerce provides a seamless, secure payment solution for online businesses whilst TrustistTransfer makes bank transfer payments a breeze.

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Trustist Reviews is a powerful platform that helps businesses manage their online reputation in one place by aggregating reviews from multiple sources.

Through our platform, clients can increase the number of reviews they receive and showcase their excellent reputation on their website using unique widgets. We also help them get stars in search results, giving them an edge over their competitors. These stars, along with the reviews displayed on their website, can increase the client’s website traffic by up to 200%.

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TrustistTransfer simplifies bank transfer payments by leveraging Open Banking and QR codes.

TrustistTransfer helps to make bank transfer payments a breeze. This is achieved by combining the power of Open Banking and QR codes to create a simple, cost-effective and secure solution that can all be done on a smartphone! Not only does Open Banking help to keep payments secure and entirely eliminate the risk of chargebacks, the unique offering costs up to 90% less than taking card payments!

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TrustistEcommerce revolutionises Ecommerce payments by offering smarter and safer bank transfers.

TrustistEcommerce revolutionises the world of Ecommerce payments by providing the functionality for smarter, safer bank transfers. The simplified payment options means that customers won’t have to enter their card details or any personal information – the Open Banking technology simply allows them to pay directly from their bank account. with market-leading transaction fees, the use of TrustistEcommerce can help to increase profits and protect the business from potential fraud.

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