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Hi, I’m Richard

If you’re a small to medium-sized business aiming to enhance your online reputation and significantly increase your customer base through reviews, I can help you achieve this seamlessly. Collecting reviews doesn’t have to be challenging—with the right systems and tools, it can become an effortless, automated process.

With over a decade of experience in e-commerce and a proven track record of building seven-figure businesses, I deeply understand the pivotal role reviews play in business success and online reputation. Navigating the complexities and potential pitfalls of review management is a challenge I know first-hand.

My focus now is on helping business owners grow their businesses organically using our unique, ethical review gathering and aggregation system. Our system consolidates all your reviews from various platforms, displaying them on your website and search engine results as a single, impressive number. It also automates the posting of new reviews to your website and social media, ensuring a steady stream of fresh, relevant content.

You’ll have access to a personal portal, making it easy to monitor and respond to reviews. Since reviews come from verified customers, the risk of manipulation is eliminated. This portal also tracks the positive impact on your website, including increased traffic and user engagement.

Our technology generates more reviews and boosts your search engine rankings and visibility, helping you outshine competitors. As your traffic and site engagement grow, we offer advice on optimizing your site and services to convert visitors into customers.

In addition, my extensive e-commerce experience has equipped me with insights into the high costs of online and offline payments. We offer a solution that can save you thousands in fees and minimize chargebacks, leveraging the latest in secure financial technology.

Let’s work together to elevate your business with our proven review management system and cutting-edge payment solutions.

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Trustist offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to empower your business in the digital landscape. Trustist Reviews is the solution for all your online reputation needs, TrustistEcommerce provides a seamless, secure payment solution for online businesses whilst TrustistTransfer makes bank transfer payments a breeze.

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Trustist Reviews is a review aggregation platform that empowers businesses to manage their entire online reputation through a single dashboard.

Through using Trustist Reviews, clients can boost the number of reviews they receive whilst also using our unique widgets to show off their excellent reputation on their website. We also get them stars in search results, making them stand out from the competition. These stars in search results, combined with the reviews being present on their website, can help to increase the clients’ website traffic by as much as 200% in some cases!

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TrustistTransfer simplifies bank transfer payments by leveraging Open Banking and QR codes.

TrustistTransfer helps to make bank transfer payments a breeze. This is achieved by combining the power of Open Banking and QR codes to create a simple, cost-effective and secure solution that can all be done on a smartphone! Not only does Open Banking help to keep payments secure and entirely eliminate the risk of chargebacks, the unique offering costs up to 90% less than taking card payments!

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TrustistEcommerce revolutionises Ecommerce payments by offering smarter and safer bank transfers.

TrustistEcommerce revolutionises the world of Ecommerce payments by providing the functionality for smarter, safer bank transfers. The simplified payment options means that customers won’t have to enter their card details or any personal information – the Open Banking technology simply allows them to pay directly from their bank account. with market-leading transaction fees, the use of TrustistEcommerce can help to increase profits and protect the business from potential fraud.

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